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Sheet Steel Box and Open Front Steel Box

Metal boxes and tool holders are specially designed in various sizes according to the requests of the customers.


The dimensions of the metal boxes and toolboxes are completely determined specifically for the projects of the customers. Metal boxes produced in various sizes can be stacked on top of each other. In this way, they take up less space. It has a longer life compared to plastic boxes and tools.

Technicial Specifications

•Shaft in frame.

•Combined with spot welding.

•High resistance surfaces by special forms.

•Arc welding at corners increasing strength.

•Standard Label Frame.

Customer Logo upon request.

•Zink (ZnCr3) coating, powder coating at general colors or applying brune upon request.

•Stainless steel (INOX) option upon request.

•Our boxes are not impermeable.

Usage Areas

Metal boxes and tools are among the most preferred boxes in industrial enterprises. They are preferred in the automotive, white goods, defense, electronics, medical, retail, food and beverage industries. It ensures the regular and safe storage of parts and products produced in these sectors.


Makes easier to find, stock and stack of the products.

Simplifies the transferring of products for follow ups and controls.

Look better at plant and sales

Able to stack easier even heavy products, long lasting without significiant breaks, deformations or tears.

Easy to store any where.

Different standard sizes are compatible to stack each other.

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