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Dynamic Shelf and Industrial Transport Systems

Dynamic shelf and industrial transport systems are designed from aluminium, carbon, and steel pipes by using light composite connectors upon customers’ request specially.


According to customers’ project, sizes of the dynamic shelf and industrial transport systems are determined specially. Used aluminium, carbon, steel pipes and connectors are defined within the project. Also, the rail system is added, and crates are moved easily. Thanks to modular structure, provide to insert additional structure later. They are also known as kanban trolley, kanban racking, and dynamic shelf.

Images are copyrighted by Trilogiq company. TYT Pack System collaborates with Trilogiq on project studies.

Technicial Specifications

•Can be produced with desired dimension and sizes due to its dynamic structure.

•It is preferred to guide parts and stocks at the production lines and logistic areas.

•Available with wheeled and wheelless options.

•It has a light structure.

•Can be diversified with different connection units.

Usage Areas

Dynamic shelf and industrial transport systems are usually used by industrial production units. Automotive, home appliance, defense, electronic, retail, medical, food and drink sectors use dynamic shelf and industrial transport systems at the production lines intensively. Thanks to these systems, products or parts are incorporated in production process regularly.


  • Long-lived and durable
  • Low cost
  • Efficient space using
  • Ergonomic for employes
  • Light structure

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