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Corex Dunnage Boxes

Corex and dunnage boxes are designed from polypropylene boards upon customers’ request specially. Separators can be applied in boxes at the same time.


According to customer’s projects, sizes of corex and dunnage boxes are defined specially. Also, used PP thickness is defined within the project. Besides that, there are different color and thickness PP corrugated board options. It can be produced with separator or empty. Separators can be produced from PP corrugated board, Eva, Sponge, Foam, Fabric with different shapes. According to project, lot numbers of separators are determined specially. They are also known as returnable boxes, returnable packaging box, and PP corrugated box. 

Technicial Specifications

•Produced from PP (Polypropylene) board.

•Design with technical drawing on the PC.

•Laser cut is used.

•Can be produced desired dimension, and sizes.

•Can be produced from desired PP thick and color.

•The seperator can be applied into corex box.

•There are ultrasonic welding, plastic or aluminium U bar and bracket options at assembly process.

•According to needs of customer, design can be specialized.

•There are PP, fabric, laminated, eva, sponge, and foam separator options.

Usage Areas

Corex and dunnage boxes can be produced with useable form for all industrial production plants. They are prefered to transport and save the products of automotive, home appliance, defense, medical, electronic, aerospace, food and drink sectors intensively. Products can be packed with separators in corex boxes without any damage neatly.


  • Low cost
  • Customizable size and design
  • Light and durable structure
  • Long-lived
  • Efficent packing

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