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ECOPACK Smart Pallet Handling Systems

ECOPACK smart pallet handling systems are produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and PP trilaminate upon customers’ request specially.


According to customers’ project, sizes of the ECOPACK smart pallet handling systems are determined specially. Besides that, there are openable front loading door options. If required, separators can be applied in ECOPACK. Saves space with its collapsible pallet structure. They are also known as folding container, plastic storage containers, sleeve pack, pallet sleeves, stacking container, smart pallet, folding plastic container, foldable container,and plastic pallet box.

Technicial Specifications

•Provide space saving due to folding structure.

•Can be produced desired dimension and sizes.

•There are different lids and pallets.

•Can be preffered with front lid or lidless.

•According to needs of customer, It can be specialized.

You can reach standard sizes from this link.

Usage Areas

EcoPACK smart pallet handling systems are used to transport parts and products by industrial production units widely. Automotive, home appliance, defense, electronic, retail, food and drink sectors preffer the EcoPACK primarily. EcoPACK is used to transport large-scale parts, alongside it can used to transport small scale parts with different separators actively.


  • Durable and long-lived
  • Space saving with collapsible structure
  • Customizable size and design
  • Low cost
  • Easy and efficient packing
  • Practice loading doors for employes
  • Water and sun resistant
  • Protection against dust and moisture
  • Easy carrying and forkliftable
  • Light structure

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