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TYT Pack System

TYT Pack System

Our company TYT Pack System started its activities to supply increasing separator needs of industries in 2017. We service white goods, automotive key and sub-industries mainly in Silivri / Istanbul. TYT Pack System produces special COREX crates with special design seperators and reinforced PP boards which prevents damages on visual and cosmetic products of the companies between the production, storage and montage stage process.

 Our main productions and areas of expertise are special Dunnage, Textile Seperators, Eva Seperators, PP Seperators, Foam Rubber Seperators, special size Corex boxes, Trolley and Metal Pallets etc. for projects about white goods and automotive sectors.

TYT Pack System helps several leading companies of the industry with our innovative designs in every detail. We always prioritise to create rational solutions, quality and cost-efficient designs for the projects of companies privately. Besides, we base on collaboration with several Turkey and worldwide customers at this point.

 Our company aims expansion to increase strategic partnerships with Turkey and worldwide companies due to high technology usage with experienced and dynamic staff, research and development investments, and successful sales marketing strategies.  Also, we always target to play an active role between the sector leaders with our extensive experiences.

We Interiorize Innovative and Solution Oriented Principles.

As TYT Pack System, we continue our activities for companies in all sectors in a wide scope.