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Project Management Process

Project Management Process

During the project process, our company works solution oriented with our customers collaboratively. We prioritise special designs for projects with our studies. Thus, we supply needs of the customers completely. Cost, efficiency, time, and pleasure are always our priorities. Project process is managed by our company with a cycle. Steps in the cycle: consultancy, design, prototype, test, tender/approval, production, delivery and customer satisfaction.

At first step, our product packing specialists and customers come together. Our specialists give consultation to the customers at this phase. Demands of the customers are considered and compared notes by our specialists. We see our customers as our partner mostly. At the planned project, protection degree of product, transport distance and conditions, shape of the product, ergonomy for employee, future changes on the project, and usability etc. factors have importance in this phase.

At second step, the design come into prominence. Technical drawing of the products are designed on the PC in line with recevied customer demands. Sometimes, we work on available designs of our customers. And sometimes, very different and innovative designs can be made according to demands of customers completely. Our expert engineers in our R&D department make their designs on producing the most durable product in the most efficient and the lowest cost. The technical drawings are made planify. According to needs of the customer, multiple different designs can also be emerged.

After the tehnical drawing, generated design is implemented during the prototype process. According to calculations and selected materials, sample prototype production is made in a short while.

If there is any part or sample product of customer, the prototype product is tested with sample by R&D department. After the test, prototype is sent to customer. Besides, the prototype is tested during production process by customer. As a result of customer feedbacks, upgrades on the product can be made and start mass production.

During test process of the customer, the price offer is submitted to customer in the direction of cost analyzes. As a result of given price offer and test, the mass production of the product is started with prototype and price approval e-mail of the customer.

Production of the product is planned and start mass production in the direction of agreement and length of term as soon as possible. During the production process, we are in contact wih customer and give information about process constantly.

Product delivery is provided to the customer at the specified delivery date. The products are placed on pallets and loaded as desired according to the customer's request. In addition, all necessary measures are taken to ensure that the products arrive the customer without any damage.

TYT Pack System always prioritizes customer satisfaction. After the project, we are in contact with our customers constantly. We help as soon as possible when they encounter any problem. We are always ready to provide all kinds of services for future projects of customers. We can always produce innovative, cost-effective solutions for all complex and toughest packaging problems.

We Interiorize Innovative and Solution Oriented Principles.

As TYT Pack System, we continue our activities for companies in all sectors in a wide scope.