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Our Policies

Quality Policy

By keeping the technological developments under constant observation, delivering the best quality to our customers with the lowest cost, thereby ensuring the continuity of customer satisfaction,

To increase the motivation and efficiency of our employees by ensuring the continuity of education within our organization,

To consider the risk management process as a factor of our activities and to develop a perspective towards prevention,

Having respect for ethical rules and having teamwork spirit,

We aim to be a pioneer and competitive company in the industry,

We plan to achieve our goals by applying legal and applicable rules and by constantly updating our quality management.

Our Environmental Policy

As TYT Pack System, in our activities;

  • Always working sensitively towards the environment,
  • To act by protecting and helping our natural environment,
  • To ensure that the wastes generated in line with our works and the environmental effects are limited to a minimum and to evaluate the recycling possibilities,
  • Our aim is to maximize the environmental awareness of our employees with the training activities within our organization.

To achieve these goals;

  • We will work to protect the environment and prevent pollution,
  • We will comply with environmental laws, legal regulations and conditions,
  • We are committed to constantly updating ourselves to improve our environmental management performance.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As TYT Pack System, we always prioritize the health and safety of our employees.

It is in our policy to prevent all possible damages to our personnel, customers, customer property and equipment in all of our activities.

We observe the situation in the field of occupational health and safety, we constantly keep our training up-to-date for the development of our staff in this regard.

During our works;

  • We will take into account the occupational health and safety law and related legislation,
  • We will create a field of activity in compliance with the safety and health conditions for all of our staff and related people,
  • We will work to prevent health problems and any injuries,
  • We will carry out effective works to prevent danger situations and eliminate OHS risks,
  • Occupational Health and Safety management structure and impact will be continuously improved,
  • While carrying out all these activities, we are committed to the contribution of our staff and staff representatives.

Our Information Security Policy

Our TYT Pack System information security objectives;

  • To guarantee the security and confidentiality of commercial and operational information and data in all kinds of electronic and written media,
  • To ensure the security of all electronic information system equipment within the structure of TYT Pack System,
  • To ensure the effective use of available electronic information systems equipment and related service resources, to prevent its use for personal interests and malicious purposes,
  • Ensuring the legal and licensed use of all electronic information system equipment and related service resources within the TYT Pack System,
  • To ensure the protection of TYT Pack System corporate identity and structure and to contribute to the development of the corporate structure.

While achieving these goals, we undertake that we will fulfill other legal and applicable conditions regarding information security, as well as constantly update the information security management system.

We Interiorize Innovative and Solution Oriented Principles.

As TYT Pack System, we continue our activities for companies in all sectors in a wide scope.