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What Are EcoPACK Smart Pallet Handling Systems?


EcoPACK smart pallet handling systems are economical folding pallet and cover transport systems that save space and transportation costs when empty thanks to its folding structure produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and PP trilaminate material. It consists of three main parts. The lower plastic pallet, the folding side walls and the upper plastic cover complete the product. EcoPACK smart pallet handling systems are known in the industry with many different names such as smart pallet, smart folding pallet, plastic smart box, smart folding container, folding plastic box, MegaPack, foldable plastic container, foldable large load carrier, lockable big container box, bulk container, plastic storage container, stacking container, big container boxes, folding container, sleeve pack box, returnable folding box, recyclable eurobin . These products come to the fore with space saving and practicality. They are used extensively in stacking by the automotive, white goods, electronics, defense, medical, retail, food and beverage industries. If desired, we have the opportunity to apply separators of various materials into EcoPACK by our company.

Product detail:http://tytpacksystem.com/en/products/ecopack-smart-pallet-handling-systems


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